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Wojtek Butt Plug

Wojtek Butt Plug
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Wojtek Butt Plug

Dark Crystal Wojtek Butt Plug - A new batch of the popular Dark Crystal series of dildos and butt plugs is now available! Made of velvety soft phthalate-free vinyl in Belgium, these toys are safe to use with any lubricant, water based, silicone based or oil based. Mick from the first batch Dark Crystals, is hugely popular and we received many requests for larger and especially longer versions. We therefore added Magda and Wojtek to the collection. They have the same design as Mick, with the double bulge. Once youve passed the thickest part, your sphincter muscle will keep these butt plugs firmly in place inside you.

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Wojtek Butt Plug
Wojtek Butt Plug
€ 37,87